Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In My Opinion

I was reading one of my favorite blogs Living In Yellow and loved her post idea so I am linking up and adding my opinions.

1} Having the windows open creates the best sleeping soundtrack.

2} It should be illegal for girls under the age of 18 to wear shorty-shorts.

3} Everyone should own a pet. Preferably a dog or cat but if something else suits your fancy that's cool    too ;)

4} Teachers should get paid more. Period.

5} If you are over the age of 40... dress like it.

6} It is 100% okay to have a day where you do absolutely nothing.

7} Cussing should be outlawed, it is really unattractive especially when girls do it.

8} Fall is the best season. The clothes, the smells, the colors, the food... everything!

9} Kids should only watch 5 hours of t.v. a week, they need to play outside and learn to entertain themselves.

10} Everybody needs Jesus!

11} I have the cutest husband and pets.

They are mine. You can't have them. :)


Rachel @ lala Lists said...

lovin' 3 4 5 6 (especially 6… or should I say last saturday! haha went from couch to bed and back again!)

thanks for linking up, hope you have a great week!!

Verna said...

I am in agreement with all of these except #11. Obviously I have the cutest husband. :)