Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets and Do-dads

By far my favorite room in our house is the kitchen. It is the only room that is always clean and well kept. I love to cook but not only that, there has just always been something about a kitchen that I love! So I wanted to share some of my favorite kitchen tools.

These ice cube trays are awesome! The white part is a button on the underside that you simply push and the ice comes out effortlessly. I love them, we started out with 2 then went back and got 2 more!
[Get It Here]

I think this strainer is the best invention EVER! It not only is cute but it can be used multiple ways. And I love that it folds up flat for storage.
[Get it Here]

This tea pot with infuser is not only adorable but also makes yummy tea!  I use it more for decor than for tea but that will probably change come Winter.
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Of course the Keurig has to be on my list! Not only is just a cool idea but it is perfect for our little family of two.  We each drink only one cup a day so a pot of coffee would go to waste. Also, The Hubs loves Hazelnut and I think it tastes like pooh. So I can have my Vanilla Creme and he can have his Hazelnut! Win-Win :)
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I know, I know! Why can't I just use a knife to cut an apple? Well this thing is AMAZING! We eat a lot of apples in this house and this thing just makes it go so fast and makes perfect slices every time.  You can keep your knife, I want my apple slicer!
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Deborah Raney said...

I've tried various apple slicers over the years and they are never sharp enough and the slices came out jagged and mushy. But I've never had a KitchenAid one. Guess I better check this out!

Kara said...

1. The teapot is SUPER cute.

2. I've had multiple people recommend getting a Keurig... maybe next paycheck! But I'm worried I might miss grinding my own coffee....