Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My 5 Favorite Things About Fall

1.  The leaves! There are much prettier ones out there but even these poop-brown leaves look pretty in the green grass! (and yes my feet really are THAT white)

2. Coffee or any fall drinks! Coffee is good all year round but there is something special about drinking it when it starts to get chilly outside. Like the cat attached to my butt?
3. Scarves! I have so many of them and they just sit there all through Summer and most of Spring so I love when I get to break them out when it starts to look like Fall.
4.Fall Candles! The smells of Fall are the best, especially pumpkin. Below is my troop of Fall scented candles. From left to right: Pumpkin Spice, Spiced Apple Cider, Apple Sugar Pear, and Warm Autumn Welcome. Numbers 1 and 3 from Target, 2 and 4 from Wal-Mart.
5. Boots! I love my boots. I have three pairs that get a lot of wear and these are my new black ones. Can you tell I am excited?
And Melvin gets in too, cause he loves Fall as well and is cute!

(and yes, yes I did take these pictures of myself with a tripod and looked like a fool doing it. All for the love of the blog and for my mother so she has something to read when she gets bored)

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Deborah Raney said...

LOL! So glad I could inspire! And you have a tripod? I'm jealous! I need one! Oh...I guess I could borrow Dad's.

Keep it up, Miss Blogger!