Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Do you ever have one of those moments that just brightens your day and makes you feel unstoppable? It can be the smallest thing but it makes all the difference! Well I had one of those moments yesterday and it made me want to dance the rest of the day!

As you may know, I have been student teaching this semester (16 weeks) in a second grade classroom. I have been blessed with not only an amazing class of kiddos but an amazing co-teacher to learn from. I am absolutely in love with the school district I am in and am just having the best experience ever. I really am not looking forward to when I have to leave but luckily I get to go back in March to do a maternity leave!

If you remember this post from last semester you will recall that I had a pretty crappy experience. I had a professor who was very cold and unencouraging and a rough class of 29 Kindergartners. I finished the semester feeling like I maybe wasn't in the right career field and all my hard work was for nothing. I was just really down on myself and dreading student teaching. Well after my previous paragraph I am sure you can see that things have changed for the better!

This semester I have been so encouraged by my SEMO supervisor, my co-teacher and just overall have my confidence back 100 percent about my teaching ability. If it wasn't already back, I got the boost I needed from my supervisor yesterday. She is a veteran teacher and she comes to observe some of my teaching and gives me pointers after each lesson. After I was observed Monday we were meeting when she gave me one of the best compliments I have ever received.

"I believe that teachers are born. You can't teach someone to be a good teacher, it just comes natural and you are one of those people who was born with it!"

I mean... WOW! What a compliment and what a difference from the junk I had heard from my previous professor. Just a wonderful moment that made my day and encouraged me big time! Love when that happens!


Danielle Brewer said...

Tavia, that is awesome! I'm so happy that you're having a better semester and teaching experience. I cannot wait to hear about how the rest of student teaching goes! I am an elementary ed major & get to start being in the classroom more next semester! I'm excited. Hope your kitties are doing well (sorry to hear about your puppies). Have a great day!


Tobi said...

I totally agree with what your supervisor said - both that good teachers are naturally gifted at it - and that YOU possess that gift! So glad your having such a great experience. Can't wait to compare notes about our classrooms next year when you're totally in your element!