Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Momma Confessions

1. Nora's pacifiers drop on the ground approximately 86,472,235 times a day. I just check them for dog hair and pop 'em back in.

2. I make dinner maybe twice a week now. We live on leftovers.

3. On the weekends I take loooooooooong showers since daddy has the babe.

4. Sometimes my teeth don't get brushed until noon.

5. I Amazon Prime like a boss from the couch.

6. I leave Nora in her night diaper way too long because sometimes I am too tired to remember to change it.

7. I videoed Nora's poop face and sent it to The Hubs the other day. We laugh every. time.

8. I absolutely love being a momma but it is HARD!

1 comment:

Jenica Raney said...

1) I would kill (almost) for hubs to eat any form of leftovers.
2) other than that, I'm right there with ya on all accounts. Oh, except my plastic loathing children won't bink which leads to my mom confession...I make my 5yr old run around the house with a winter glove on her thumb sucking hand way too often.
Love to stay and chat but doorbell calls...Amazons Here!
Ciao Momma, you're doing great! Xoxo