Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Guidelines are defined by dictionary.com as: any guide or indication of a future course of action. Last semester I really struggled with motivation in school as well as keeping myself disciplined. 
I know that part of it had to do with the fact that I am a senior and have major senioritis. 
Also I got married over the summer and now I live with a really hot guy who I happen to LOVE spending time with :) 
This hot guy also came with a flat screen t.v. and instant stream Netflix. 
All of these things mixed together made for a really unproductive me. 
I made pretty good grades but I could have done better. 
I was tired of school, tired of the same ol' kinds of classes and just had no motivation to get anything done. 

Another huge problem was that I stayed up late watching t.v. then I would do my homework right before bed.
I was dead tired but the work had to be done so I lazily finished it.
Almost every night was like this and I ended up staying up really late almost every single night.

As you can imagine these late nights turned into late mornings as well. 
No, not late to class because I am never late to class. 
But late as in pushing-the-snooze-button-until-the-last-possible-hour-I-can-get-up-and-be-on-time late. 
I rushed around getting ready, skipped showering a couple mornings (gross I know) didn't eat breakfast and then rushed off to class feeling gross and really tired.

I started to really hate school because I had done this to myself and I was not enjoying any of it at all. 
I hated feeling that way but it was kind of a vicious cycle and I just kept losing motivation and procrastinating. 

So I made a decision to change.

This is my last semester of classes before I begin my student teaching and I want to learn as much as possible as I get closer to my dream.
I don't want to feel tired, run-down and unmotivated.
I want to enjoy school and do the best that I can.
So I made myself some guidelines for this semester. 
I sat down by myself, no distractions and thought about what I need to do to make this semester go better.
Below is what I came up with.

Morning Guidelines

6:00am - Wake-up/Shower/Get Ready

7:00am - Coffee/Breakfast/Bible

7:40am - Leave for Class

Night Guidelines


10:30pm - Get bag ready/Lay out clothes (school & work)/Get ready for bed

11:00pm - In bed/Read, SLEEP!

I have only been using these new guidelines for a couple of days but I have already noticed a huge change in the way I feel! 
I really enjoy the mornings.
I give myself almost two whole hours to get ready.
No rushing around at all. It is a quiet relaxing time.
My favorite part is coming down stairs (Mavis and Melvin right behind me) and making coffee and breakfast then sitting on the couch, reading the Bible and just relaxing. 
It is so nice to have that time with God and to myself.
It all makes me feel more awake throughout the day.

Nights have been a little harder to adjust to.
Collin works night hours at the newspaper so I am all alone and don't have him as a distraction but in the same sense I don't have him to hold me accountable.
I told myself I have to do any homework first, but after that it is time I can do anything I want.
I usually do watch t.v. or read blogs but it is nice to know my homework is done.
I get my book bag ready and lay out my clothes while listening to music in our room. 
Then I get ready for bed, hop in and read. (Right now I am reading this book)
I usually read about 30 minutes then I am off to dream land!

I know that later in the semester there will be nights that I have to stay up later and I will be overwhelmed with work.
I won't be able to stick to such a strict schedule.
But that is why I titled them as guidelines. 
I have already seen what a change this has made in me this semester and I intend to stick with it!

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