Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Menu Planning Update

So I have been menu planning for two weeks now and am happy to say that it is going great and saving tons of money already!

I plan the menu for two weeks and do one shopping trip to get everything needed for those two weeks.

Here is the first week's menu. Leftovers nights are strategically worked into the plan!

Week One Menu
Monday >> Left-Overs
Tuesday >> Cajun Chicken Pasta
Wednesday >> Left-Overs
Thursday >> Lasagna
Friday >> Chicken Taco Rice
Saturday >> Frozen Pizza
Sunday >> Hamburgers

Week Two Menu
Monday >> Left-Overs
Tuesday >> Chicken & Dressing
Wednesday >> Left-Overs
Thursday >> Stromboli
Friday >> Hot Dogs
Saturday >> Shrimp Tacos
Sunday >> Chicken Pot Pie

Went shopping the week before the menu started and got all the things I needed (and didn't already have) to make these meals. We needed a few other things like snacks, paper towels, face wash and other odds and ends. But for the food, we couldn't believe how little there was in our cart! I didn't use any coupons this time, but I plan on starting to use them from now on. *I am an amateur coupon user!

After totaling up all the food needed for the meals (including a bag of tortilla chips, wheat thins and sandwich meat for lunches and snacks) the total cost of the food for two weeks was $47.42! Of course some of the ingredients we already had at home, but this was a huge improvement for us. In the past we would spend about $100 on each shopping trip and would go about twice a month. So, BIG improvement. I was able to make each meal with everything we bought and we had plenty of leftovers for lunches and leftover nights!

I think I will like this whole menu planning thing! Especially if it means more money in the bank!


Laurel said...

I'm so glad that your menu planning adventures have become helpful! Menu planning is seriously my saving grace, especially when it comes to saving money!! Thanks for sharing your weekly menus, I'll have to try some of the things that you posted!

Tavia Smith said...

It has been so great! Especially in the area of not having to stress and think about what I'm going to make that evening!!!

Deb said...

That is some serious cash saved! Waytago!