Monday, September 2, 2013

Mid-Year Resolution

I have never been one to make New Years Resolutions, not sure why, just never have. But I have made resolutions before and am not always the best at sticking to them... oops!

Well, I have one that I am making and I will work my hardest to stick with until December 1st.

Let me set this up, I just started student teaching and during this time I work full time but am not paid. I also cannot work a job, so money is going to be tight with only The Hubs bringing in the bacon. So that is a little scary. We were able to save up some money this Summer so that is nice but it will still be an adjustment. So this made me think about something I could do to save some money. So here is what I came up with...


Yep. Now this might not sound like too great a task but I am going to be strict about it. Obviously I can get groceries and necessities (toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.) but no other kind of shopping whatsoever! 

No clothes
No shoes
No fun make-up items
No home decor or goodies
No movies
No music (CD's or iTunes)
No craft supplies
No books


I honestly don't buy these things that often, but if I tell myself I can't I will make sure I don't, on the rare occasion I might. 

I am also going to work hard to use up shampoos and conditioner leftovers I have and face washes and deodorants. I have some I didn't like very much just sitting in the closet collecting dust, I am going to use these up so I don't buy more. 

I am going to "shop my closet" and try making new outfits and wearing things I never wear. That way I won't get the urge to buy new clothes because "I have nothing to wear." 

I like to read and always want to buy new books and Amazon Prime makes it so easy to order online and get them 2 days later for a great price. But alas, I must use the awesome library we have in town. 

I love to buy songs on iTunes when I hear a new one I like. Instead I will make a list of songs I want and buy them later if I still want them months later. 

I also went through my purse and threw out coupons that might convince me I need something.

I wanted to put this on the blog so that I would have everyone who reads this sort of hold me accountable! Excited to see if this is going to be hard or easy for me! 

So my No Shopping For 3 Whole Months begins right now!


Laurel said...

You can do it!! I know that it may be tough but it will certainly be worth it!

Deborah Raney said...

Good for you! Now if only you could have done that 5 years ago when you were living at OUR house!! ;)

Hope you had a very happy birthday. Can't wait to meet your new doggie.